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Our way of life

Organizational growth depends upon the dedication and synergy of its employees. This is the core philosophy that drives all our employee oriented activities and initiatives.

At Torrent you don’t work under; you work with. Aspects like right exposure, freedom at work, unmatched leadership and the opportunity to grow at a rapid pace help us to unleash the full potential of our employees. Through various training and development programs we ensure a smooth professional journey for our employees. These programs are conducted on a regular basis to enhance technical, managerial as well as behavioral skills of our employees and enable and empower them to take appropriate and correct decisions. Opportunity to interact and work closely with senior professionals enable the budding talent to get a hands on experience on work related matters. Every Torrentian is entrusted with challenging, interesting and motivating assignments that make them think out of the box.

Holistic development of our employees is of prime importance for us. We believe that to perform to perfection one needs to enjoy what he is doing. Hence we create an encouraging and conducive work environment that keeps the zeal to perform alive. Even after office hours our attempt to provide a quality life in our units continues by providing facilities like recreation club, sports complex, medical units, etc. Various social events and celebrations are organized periodically to add to the charm of life at Torrent.

Essence we look-for
Opportunities are ample when it comes to career option at Torrent Power. A well balanced character made out of positive attitude and aptitude is what attracts us the most. Beside technical competencies and skill, transparency and integrity is expected from every member of this family. We believe that during challenging circumstances team spirit over shine individual ability. Hence, we look for people who are ‘Team Players’. As an organization Torrent Power supports its employees in all facets of life and expects them to reciprocate as and when required. Individuals with the zeal to perform and grow along with the organization are always welcomed.

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