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     49.6 MW Wind Plant
     SUGEN 1147.5 MW CCPP
     411 MW Sabarmati TPS
     382.5 MW UNOSUGEN

     1200 MW DGEN
      Mega Power Project

     100 MW Vatva CCPP
     Ahmedabad - Gandhinagar
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Torrent Power transmits and distributes over 4 billion units of power per annum to its 1.26 million customers spread over 293 Sq. Kms. in Ahmedabad and 63 Sq. Kms. in Gandhinagar

  Distribution Network Details
Highest System Voltage
220 KV
No. of EHV Substations
No of 33 KV Substations
Power Transformer Capacity (in MVA)
Distribution Transformer Capacity (in MVA)

The company continues to upgrade its T&D System to cater to the load growth in its license area. Recent initiatives include:

Commissioning of two new 33 kV substations and two new 132/33 kV power transformer.
Establishing of Global Positioning System Time (GPS) with network connection through UHF & Fiber optics, that would enable obtaining of standard timings at all EHV substations, power stations and other offices.
Highest ever net addition of 341 distribution transformers enhancing the distribution capacity by about 70 MVA.

Laying of 11 kV cables for evacuation of power completed for Narol substation.

As a result of these efforts, the number of interruptions per customer was reduced from 20.06 in FY 2003-04 to 17.17 in FY 2004-05. The number of customer hours lost also decreased from 16.49 hrs. in FY 2003-04 to 14.20 hrs 2004-‘05.

The system peak demand was registered at 783 MW in June 2005, compared to 732 MW in June 2004, a growth of 3.2 % over previous year which was successfully met without any load shedding.

Torrent Power added 87,941 new customers in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar in FY 2004-05

Its customers enjoy an enviable power availability of 99.84%, which is among the highest in the country

Torrent Power has been continuously striving to curb the menace of Transmission & Distribution Losses and has been successfully able to reduce it from 16.68% last year to 12.63% for the year 2004-05, a whopping 4.05 % reduction. This was possible on account of focused attention on theft detection, huge increase in vigilance inspections, massive slum electrification, upgradation of T&D network, etc.

During the year the company carried out slum electrification programme and a massive drive against illegal connections. The Slum Electrification Project started in FY 2003-’04. Till date 2 lac slums have been covered under this project. The Project involved identification of slum areas, resource planning with a target to release connections within 30 days, establishment of simple and fast processes (Single window concept, fixed initial connection charges, installment payment, monthly meter reading and billing), aggressive marketing and campaigning, and opening of site office at strategic locations

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