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Be it ambitious power generation projects or taking on the energy sufficiency challenge for the entire state; efficient distribution at the grass-root level or enabling a pulsating urban lifestyle; uninterrupted power supply to industries or 24X7 customer care initiatives. Torrent Power is all about transforming lives.

TPGL Transmission Tariff Petition before Hon’ble CERC – Truing-up of capital cost for the period from 01-Apr-2009 to 31-Mar-2014 and Determination of transmission tariff for the period from 01-Apr-2014 to 31-Mar-2019.
* Petition
Hon’ble GERC Tariff Orders dated 31st March, 2015
* Case No. 1467/2014
* Case No. 1468/2014
* Case No. 1469/2014
* Case No. 1470/2014
Regulartory Filing
Power Outage Information
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Torrent Power Stock Watch Torrent Power NSE Tracker